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Plaza 66 Carr 848 Km 4.2 Esq. Florentino Roman, Bo. San Anton, Carolina , PR - 00983

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Aguas Buenas Bayamon Caguas Canovanas Catano Cayey Cidra Comerio Corozal Dorado Guaynabo Gurabo Juncos Las Piedras Loiza Luquillo Naranjito Rio Grande Sabana Seca San Juan San Lorenzo Toa Alta Toa Baja

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Aguas Buenas

Marigza De Jesus

31 Calle Rafael Lasa , Aguas Buenas , PR - 00703
Phone: 787-732-3131
Specialty: Pharmacist

Zoraida Ortiz CPhT

HC 4 Box 8470 , Aguas Buenas , PR - 00703
Phone: 787-732-2166
Specialty: Pharmacist

Mrs. Yarixa Rios

Rafael Lasa # 44 , Aguas Buenas , PR - 00703
Phone: 787-732-2272
Specialty: Pharmacist

Mr. Daniel Perez

Rafael Lasa # 44 , Aguas Buenas , PR - 00703
Phone: 787-732-2272
Specialty: Pharmacist

Yolanda Diaz RPH

Carr. 156, Km49.0 Bo. Sumidero, Aguas Buenas , PR - 00703
Phone: 787-732-4799
Specialty: Pharmacist


Mr. Alejandro Diaz R.PH

8-31 Calle 4 , Bayamon , PR - 00959
Phone: 787-786-7068
Specialty: Pharmacist

Litza Rivera Rph

ave. los dominicos mirafolres, Bayamon , PR - 00956
Phone: 787-620-9615
Specialty: Pharmacist

Wanda Ivelisse Santos RPh

Farmacias Plaza 15 Ave. Los dominicos Miraflores , Bayamon , PR - 00961
Phone: 787-797-7467
Specialty: Pharmacist

Mrs. Carmen Z Rivera rPh

Calle Sonia AJ-16 Villa Rica, Bayamon , PR - 00959
Phone: 787-785-5487
Specialty: Pharmacist

Maribel Ruiz

Aj16 Calle Sonia Villa Rica, Bayamon , PR - 00959
Phone: 787-785-5487
Specialty: Pharmacist


Jose a Santiago

4 Calle Munoz Rivera farmacia modelo, Caguas , PR - 00725
Phone: 787-743-3975
Specialty: Pharmacist

Mrs. Alma Enid Montanez PH

1303 Paseo Degetau , Caguas , PR - 00727
Phone: 787-745-2697
Specialty: Pharmacist

Mr. Victor Aviles PH

CALLE 10 T 16 SAN TA JUANA 3 , Caguas , PR - 00725
Phone: 787-258-8678
Specialty: Pharmacist

Dr. Anixza M Perez PharmD

S20 Calle 15 Urb. Villas de Castro, Caguas , PR - 00725
Phone: 787-367-0617
Specialty: Pharmacist

Dr. Evelyn Malpica Pharm. D

BO. Bairoa Car. #1 Km. 33.3 Angora Ind. Park Lot #4 , Caguas , PR - 00725
Phone: 787-286-6052
Specialty: Pharmacist


Cany Matos

70 Calle Autonomia , Canovanas , PR - 00729
Phone: 787-876-2150
Specialty: Pharmacist

Mrs. Nilda Leticia Hernandez

Urb. Villas de Loiza Calle 1 Bloque 1, Canovanas , PR - 00729
Phone: 787-876-3500
Specialty: Pharmacist

Mr. Angel M. Jimenez

Urb. Villas de Loiza Calle 1 Bloque, Canovanas , PR - 00729
Phone: 787-876-3500
Specialty: Pharmacist

Hildaris Hiraldo

P14 Calle 16 VILLAS DE LOIZA, Canovanas , PR - 00729
Phone: 787-614-3595
Specialty: Pharmacist

Miss Jissela Carrion

calle clavel I 296 loiza valley , Canovanas , PR - 00729
Phone: 787-550-1159
Specialty: Pharmacist
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